You are invited to CrossFit 3D for a week this October to allow you the opportunity to experience CF3D for free over 6 days. Simply register with our system below and sign up to the free trial week.

The purpose of this week is to arm you with the information you will need to start your CrossFit journey and teach you key skills to improve your enjoyment of classes. The free trial session will take place each evening (Monday-Friday at 6pm) and the final session at 11am on Saturday. We’d love to see you at every session. Monday will be an intro to CrossFit and the 9 foundational movements, with the focus for the rest of the week looking at refining and fixing movements, while experiencing all the fitness domains that will be exposed during normal CrossFit classes. Saturday will be used as a day to have fun as a team and pick up any questions you may have regarding membership at CrossFit 3D.

While we are confident that you will enjoy the week, make new friends and find new ways to keep fit there will be no obligation to join CrossFit 3D.

2016 Oct Free Trial Date:

Oct 17th -22nd